Morphology and Dimension Variations of Copper Sulfide for High-Performance Electrode in Rechargeable Batteries: A Review

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Currently, different metal sulfides (NiS, Co9S8, FeS2, and CuS) have been extensively studied as alternative electrodes for rechargeable batteries that can satisfy the performance requirements for more powerful energy supply and storage technologies for various applications and industries. Among them, copper sulfides have gained significant attention as a promising electrode material in rechargeable metal-ion (Li, Mg, Na, and Al) batteries. A wide range of synthesis routes and methods have been implemented in order to prepare various stoichiometry CuxS (1 ≤ x ≤ 2) micro-/nanostructured materials with excellent electrochemical properties. Since the bulk microsized electrode materials have almost reached their performance limits for energy devices, the introduction of nanoscale CuxS composites is now in high demand. This review focuses on the influence of the material morphology and dimensions on their performance in secondary batteries. The structures of CuxS materials from zero-dimensional (0D) to 3D and their preparation are discussed. The primary purpose of this work is to provide an overview of the unique electrochemical and physical properties of particular structure and dimensionality which can promote these materials' application in the energy storage field. Along with this, this work summarizes the information on various synthesis strategies and how they can manage the morphologies of CuxS micro-/nanocomposites. In the current fast technologically advancing society, the development of the most economically profitable and efficient synthesis routes is especially encouraged and required, and this aspect is also commented on in this review.

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JournalACS Applied Energy Materials
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  • 0D copper sulfide
  • 1D copper sulfide
  • 2D copper sulfide
  • 3D copper sulfide
  • copper sulfide
  • dimensionality
  • lithium-ion battery
  • metal sulfide

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