Population biobanks: Organizational models and prospects of application in gene geography and personalized medicine

E. V. Balanovska, M. K. Zhabagin, A. T. Agdzhoyan, M. I. Chukhryaeva, N. V. Markina, O. A. Balaganskaya, R. A. Skhalyakho, Yu M. Yusupov, O. M. Utevska, Yu V. Bogunov, R. R. Asilguzhin, D. O. Dolinina, Zh A. Kagazezheva, L. D. Damba, Valery Zaporozhchenko, A. G. Romanov, Kh D. Dibirova, M. A. Kuznetsova, M. B. Lavryashina, E. A. PocheshkhovaO. P. Balanovsky

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    Population biobanks are collections of thoroughly annotated biological material stored for many years. Population biobanks are a valuable resource for both basic science and applied research and are essential for extensive analysis of gene pools. Population biobanks make it possible to carry out fundamental studies of the genetic structure of populations, explore their genetic processes, and reconstruct their genetic history. The importance of biobanks for applied research is no less significant: they are essential for development of personalized medicine and genetic ecological monitoring of populations and are in high demand in forensic science. Establishment of an efficient and representative biobank requires strict observance of the principles of sample selection in populations, protocols of DNA extraction, quality control, and storage and documentation of biological materials. We reviewed regional biobanks and presented the organizational model of population biobank establishment based on the Biobank of Indigenous Population of Northern Eurasia created under supervision of E.V. Balanovska and O.P. Balanovsky. The results obtained using the biobanks in transdisciplinary research and prospective applications for the purposes of genogeography, genomic medicine, and forensic science are presented.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1227-1243
    Number of pages17
    JournalRussian Journal of Genetics
    Issue number12
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2016


    • biobank
    • DNA identification
    • forensic expertise
    • gene pool
    • genogeography
    • monitoring
    • Northern Eurasia
    • personalized medicine
    • population

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