Предикативная посессивность в восточных диалектах хантыйского языка

Translated title of the contribution: Predicative possession in Eastern Khanty

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The paper overviews the variety of predicative possessive constructions manifested in Eastern Khanty. The aim is to define the most productive and frequent types of the predicative possessive constructions as well as peripheral types. The predicative possession is studied and explained by the interrelation of existential, locational and possessive constructions. The core predicative possessive constructions are existential/locational possessive constructions in which the possessor is locative-marked and the predicate is the verb «to be». The periphreal possessive constructions are the transitive constructions which contain the possession verb with a meaning of «to have, to keep, to hold» as the predicate; the possessive constructions with posture verbs «to sit, to stand, to lie» as predicates; equative/inclusive/attributive proprietive constructions including a very rare type of nominal predicative constructions with the possessive proprietive semantics encoded by the predicative suffix /-aki/. The frequency of existential/locational constructions is induced by the contact with the Russian language among bilingual speakers. According to the Stassen's typology of predicative possession (Stassen, 2009), in Eastern Khanty the domination strategy is the locational strategy. The have-possessives are sporadically found and are losing their distinctive features due to the expanding distribution of the locational constructions at the present moment. The with-possessive constructions are not included in the study of predicative possession as they have the distinctive features and distribution which allows using it with motion verbs only.
Translated title of the contributionPredicative possession in Eastern Khanty
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)60-72
Number of pages14
JournalTomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - Dec 20 2016


  • predicative possession construction
  • predicative possession strategies
  • Eastern dialects of Khanty
  • possession
  • Khanty
  • linguistics
  • Siberia
  • Uralic
  • typology

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