Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma of the spleen

A. U. Magomedova, S. K. Kravchenko, A. M. Kremenetskaya, I. B. Kaplanskaya, E. E. Zybunova, R. S. Samoilova, I. A. Vorobyev, T. N. Obukhova, V. V. Ryzhko, E. E. Zvonkov, A. I. Vorobyev

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Aim. To investigate characteristics of the course and efficacy of treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma (DLBL) with primary lesion of the spleen. Material and methods. From 1998 to 2006, primary splenic lesion was registered in 15 of 120 patients with DLBL and affected lymph nodes (LN), spleen and Waldeyer's ring. The diagnosis was made according to WHO criteria. Of them 14 patients had splenectomy as the first stage of therapy. The operation was followed with 6 to 8 courses of CHOP-21 (8 patients), 4 courses of R-CHOP-21 and radiotherapy (one patient). One patient received 7 courses of CHOP-21 followed by splenectomy. Because of the presence of several signs of unfavourable prognosis 5 patients under 60 years were given intensive therapy: 4-6 courses of the modified program NHL-BFM-90, 2 of 5 patients received radiotherapy. Results. All the patients with primary DLBL of the spleen had two and more signs of unfavourable prognosis: elevated concentration of serum LDG, size of the tumor more than 10 cm, high proliferative activity of tumor cells, B-symptoms, severe condition. Seven patients had centroblastic, 8 -anaplastic variants of DLBL. Tumor cells in primary DLBL of the spleen had no specific immunophenotype. Complete remission of the disease was achieved in 9 (90%) of 10 patients treated on programs CHOP-21, R-CHOP-21, in 4 of 4 patients on the modified program NHL-BFM-90. Mean follow-up was 39.3 months (from 7 to 103 months). Conclusion. For primary DLBL of the spleen characteristic are long-term remissions on first line therapy according to CHOP-21 program irrespective of morphology and immunophenotype.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)62-66
Number of pages5
JournalTerapevticheskii Arkhiv
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Sep 20 2007


  • Modified program NHL-BFM-90
  • Polychemotherapy CHOP-21
  • Primary diffuse large B-cell lymphosarcoma of the spleen

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