Role of resolution in noisy pattern matching

Alex Pappachen James, Sima Dimitrijev

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Natural variability and limited number of library instances influence the matching performance and robustness of automatic pattern analysis methods. A data representation method that utilizes the local structures from the original data with a focus to effectively use the full resolution of data vector is presented. Using plant and face database, the issue of resolution, limitations in the number of library instances, and variability were addressed. Interestingly, the method shows an automatic matching improvement of over 22% under noisy and difficult matching condition.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInformation Processing and Management
Subtitle of host publicationInternational Conference on Recent Trends in Business Administration and Information Processing, BAIP 2010, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, March 26-27, 2010. Proceed
EditorsVinu Das, R Vijayakumar, Narayan Debnath, Stephen Janahanlal, Natarajan Meghanathan, Suresh Sankaranarayanan, P.M. Thankachan, Ford Lumban Gaol, Nessy Thankachan
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - Apr 14 2010

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NameCommunications in Computer and Information Science
ISSN (Print)1865-0929


  • Filtering
  • Gaussian noise

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