La inteligencia emocional y social en la niñez y adolescencia: Validación castellana de un instrumento para su medida

Translated title of the contribution: Social and emotional intelligence in childhood and adolescence: Spanish validation of a measurement instrument

Carmen Ferrándiz, Daniel Hernández, Rosario Bermejo, Mercedes Ferrando, Marta Sáinz

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The Emotional Quotient Questionnaire for Youth Version (EQ-i:YV) was tested and validated using a sample of 1655 Spanish students. A detailed psychometric analysis provided evidence in support of the reliability of the EQ-i:YV and the robustness of its proposed five-factor structure. Using different subsamples of participants, the associations between the EQ-i:YV and a series of relevant constructs (general intelligence, personality traits, self-concept, and academic performance) were examined, which also included data on another trait EI measure (TEIQue-ASF). Overall, the EQ-i:YV showed expected relationships to all other constructs. Finally, the standard score provided can help to interpret the emotional skills, competences and facilitators of Spanish children and adolescents.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)309-338
Number of pages30
JournalRevista de Psicodidactica
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 24 2012



  • Emotional intelligence
  • Eq-i:YV
  • Psychometric properties
  • Standard scores
  • Validity and reliability

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  • Developmental and Educational Psychology

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