Surgical repair of penile fracture

Wadah Ceifo, Adel Al-Tawheed, Maher Gawish, Elijah O. Kehinde, Ibrahim M. Hamed, Medhat Al-Sherbini

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Objective: To evaluate the preoperative diagnostic methods and the outcome of surgical treatment of penile fractures in patients treated at our institution Design: Retrospective study Setting: Department of Surgery, Urology Unit, Al-Jahra Hospital, Kuwait Subjects and Methods: Eighteen patients treated surgically for penile fracture during the period from October 2007 to June 2012 were included. The diagnosis of penile fracture was made on clinical grounds and penile ultrasonography. Patients were treated by immediate surgery. Corpus cavernosum tear was repaired with absorbable sutures. Interventions: Surgical repair with absorbable sutures Main Outcome Measures: Evaluation of preoperative diagnostic methods and the results of early surgical treatment Results: Patients presented within 6-20 hours (median time 16 hours) after injury. With a mean follow-up of 18 months (range 12 to 24 months), all patients were able to achieve full erection. No penile deformities or penile plaques were reported. Conclusion: Penile fracture represents a true urological emergency. In nearly all cases diagnosis can be made on typical history and clinical examination. Early surgical exploration and repair of tunica albuginea can result in good functional outcome.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37-40
Number of pages4
JournalKuwait Medical Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2013


  • Penile deformity
  • Penile fracture
  • Surgical repair

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