Teaching qualitative research in 8 days: An intensive, hands-on, student-centered approach

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Imagine that you have eight days to teach introduction to qualitative research. What would you include? How would you present the basics? Which readings would you require? How would you keep your students attention throughout each 6-hour day? The challenges of such a condensed course can be stifling but the potential is immense. In this presentation, I discuss the ways in which I engaged a class of first semester graduate students in an intensive hands-on, student-centered course in qualitative research. Outcomes of the class included four student researched small case studies, one student-faculty international conference presentation, and the development of a student-faculty journal publication. While these outcomes help to demonstrate an overall level of comprehension, I continue to think about the class as a whole. This presentation seeks to open discussion on the topic of teaching pedagogy within qualitative research in general and on student knowledge retention in particular.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean Congress for Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI)
Subtitle of host publicationQI for Sustainability
Publication statusPublished - Feb 6 2020


  • qualitative research
  • pedagogy
  • teaching and learning
  • student-centered
  • backward design
  • blended learning
  • teaching research methods
  • online learning
  • flipped classroom
  • higher education


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