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In the beginning of the XX century, linguistic scientist A. Baitursynov said, «Our age is an
age of writing: communication through the writing is more common than an oral
communication. Communication with a distant person is possible only through the writing. The necessity to write well is the same as the necessity to speak well. When you speak, you use a certain language system; same should be applied to the writing». This thought is still relevant today. Now is the time when at least once a day we open «Instagram», «Facebook», «V kontakte», Odnoklassniki», or «Twitter» and post our thoughts and/or comment others. The social media has become an integral part of people’s life, so let us consider the stance of the Kazakh language in it. It is pleasing to see that the language has spread its wings and is flying freely on the social media realm. More users are writing in Kazakh now expressing their agreement or disagreement on different issues. Our purpose is to research on and analyse the quality of such writing.Grammatical mistakes, scarce vocabulary, correspondence of using marks instead of words to an author’s thoughts, use of acronyms and even shortening of the whole story idea show the author’s language culture. Everyone should understand that, only by preserving its quality, we can expand the use of our language on social media in the new
technologies era.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Social Media
  • Kazakh Language
  • Writing


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