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This paper discusses the concept of precedent phenomena in Kazakhstani press. The term «precedent phenomena» is widely used in modern linguistic literature, especially in linguistics of the former soviet states. These expressions function like idioms and people still remember where they came from. These expressions can represent by proper nouns or set phrases, and texts. They may refer to different historical events, cultural or political figures and well-known books and films. In newspapers, precedent phenomena can have different roles. In some cases, the precedent phenomena have a dominant position in the semantic, structural and aesthetic organization of the text, and in others, the precedent phenomena serve only to draw attention to the article and prompt the reader to read the note not commented on in the text. Examples of the use of precedent names in the headlines of modern Kazakhstani newspapers were taken from different flavors of newspapers (Akmolinskaya Pravda, Ana Tili, Egemendi Kazakhstan, Caravan, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, Saiyasi Kalam, Vremia, and others).


  • precedent phenomena, precedent names, lingua-cultural phenomenon


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