The Value of Library Resources and Services Through the Lens of Discovery Tools

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Objective. The objective of the paper is to show the discovery service from the perspective of the library and user values as a means of access to information. Methods. The literature review on the subject of value approach to the library functioning is provided. In the paper were used data from the user experience study, statistical reports and anecdotal experience. The results show the issues of customization of discovery services functionalities and resources management required. The users’ evaluation of the discovery service as a tool for finding and retrieval of information is also given. Conclusions. Discovery services have special functions and are powerful tools for identifying the required information, which is placed in directories and databases, online libraries, and external full-text databases. The study found that finding relevant information was of paramount importance to users who highly appreciated the usefulness of this service for their research.
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 23 2019


  • values
  • academic libraries
  • discovery services

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