Unity in diversity : studies on micro and macro panel data sets

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Thanks to the progress of information technology, keeping track records of a multitude of people or entities has become a matter of routine. For instance, marketeers keep files of potential customers, employers of employees, insurers of insured, investors of companies etc. The data concern a number of different but qualitatively similar units, which have been observed over some time. The topic of this dissertation is the methodology and practice of the analysis of such multi-unit or panel data. Two micro-economic and two macro-economic applications are presented and discussed; the micro-economic ones use a large sample of households or individuals, the macro-economic ones involve a small or less small number of countries, each observed for a few years. What our results show is that relationships that are often taken for granted are in reality very fragile and may be based largely on preconceptions.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNetherlands
PublisherUniversiteit Maastricht
ISBN (Print)978 90 5278 977 4
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2010


  • methodology
  • analysis
  • panel data


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