Using fractal dimension approach to investigate effect of slake durability index cycle integer on aggregate shape

S Yagiz, K Zorlu

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Weathering that is degradability of rock near the surface of the earth due to physical and chemical progress has significant affect on the physical and mechanical properties of both rock mass and materials. Both durability against weathering and weathering speed are very important from the scope of usability of those rocks as building material for limestone and travertine type rocks that have economical worth. Durability resistance of rock against weathering could be measured using slake durability index test in laboratory condition. In the literature, besides common method that obtaining slake durability index after two cycles, some researchers conducted slake durability index test more than two cycles (i.e., four to ten cycles). Purpose of the study is to investigate the affect of slake durability index cycle on aggregate shape using fractal dimension approach. To obtain the aim, rock samples including four type travertine and three type limestone all which has various depositional condition, texture and structural features were collected from the quarries operated in the cities of Denizli and Antalya surroundings. After that, for each rock type, ten slake durability index test were carried out within ten cycles. Variation of aggregate shape were explored utilizing slake durability indices of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 cycles by performing fractal dimension approach and further, the relationship between fractal dimension and slake durability index cycles were investigated in this research. As computing fractal dimension of the aggregate, all surfaces that deviations were observed are identified after then, average fractal dimension value of one aggregate were used for the aim. As result of findings, while decreasing the slake durability index after each cycle, average fractal dimension of aggregates are increased. While increment on the fractal dimension of the aggregate were so obvious at the end of 1, 2 and 4 cycle, after 6 and 10 cycle that increment are insignificant or about the same with previous cycles.
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Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2009
Event62th Geological Congress of Turkey - Ankara, Turkey
Duration: Mar 13 2009Mar 17 2009


Conference62th Geological Congress of Turkey
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